The Biden-Harris campaign, in a strategic move for the 2024 elections, is leveraging former President Donald Trump’s past comments on unions to regain support from a crucial voter demographic. Union workers, historically leaning towards the Democrats but swayed by Trump in recent elections, are the focus of this campaign. In states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, their support was pivotal for Trump’s success.

In a recent article from Fox News on November 17, 2023, it was revealed, the campaign released a video on their social media network, “Biden HQ,” showcasing Trump’s negative remarks about unions, including calling them “dues-sucking people.” The video also features audio clips of Trump criticizing union wage negotiations and portrays him as anti-union and anti-worker.

Ammar Moussa, Rapid Response Director for the Biden-Harris campaign, contrasted Trump’s perspective with Biden’s pro-worker stance, highlighting Biden’s support for striking autoworkers and subsequent positive impacts on wages and union successes. Moussa emphasized Biden’s commitment to workers and the tangible benefits of having a president focused on their well-being.

Historically, union households have been a stronghold for Democrats, but there was a noticeable decline in support for Democratic candidates in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Fox News exit poll data from 2016 showed a significant drop in union support for Hillary Clinton compared to previous Democratic candidates, and although Biden regained some of this support in 2020, Trump still performed well in certain states.

As the 2024 elections approach, polls suggest a close race between Trump and Biden, both of whom face potential primary challenges and third-party bids. The Biden-Harris campaign’s strategy aims to solidify union support and secure another term for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.



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