President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is rolling out a significant $14 million advertising effort across several key swing states, starting this Wednesday. The campaign aims to spotlight former President Donald Trump’s intentions to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Donald Trump is openly running on a platform of terminating the ACA, ripping away a lifeline for tens of millions of Americans,” campaign communications director Michael Tyler expressed to reporters. He emphasized the campaign’s strategy to underscore the stark differences in healthcare policies between Biden and Trump in their upcoming ad expenditures.

Part of the campaign’s budget, amounting to at least $1 million, will be allocated specifically to engage Black, Latino, and Asian American voters, with targeted ads across radio stations serving these communities, told Politico.

Dan Kanninen, the campaign’s director for battleground states, mentioned the challenges Trump faces, including his ongoing criminal trial in New York and his distractions at his golf resort in South Florida. These factors, according to Kanninen, will hinder Trump’s ability to consolidate necessary support for the November elections.

“The split screen between our two campaigns is only going to sharpen,” Kanninen noted. “While Trump is stuck in New York or hiding at Mar-a-Lago, we are expanding and deepening our reach in every critical battleground community.”

The Biden campaign remains unfazed by polling numbers, focusing instead on a ground strategy to secure victory. “We feel very confident about where we are now. We’re not going to pay attention to polls or sort of revert our strategy based on what polls are doing,” stated Quentin Fulks, the principal deputy campaign manager.



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