Florida Representative Byron Donalds is facing criticism in his quest to become Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick, with his ex-wife Bisa Hall being a notable detractor. Hall believes his far-right ambitions are “super dangerous.”

In an interview with the Florida Trident, Hall described her former husband as “opportunistic” and willing to create elaborate lies to achieve his goals. She recounted how, during their freshman year at Florida A&M University, Donalds pretended to be from Jamaica to impress her. “He was trying to fill a void and get what he didn’t have,” Hall told the publication.

Hall revealed that Donalds was not politically active during their eight-year on-again, off-again relationship, except for registering to vote as a Democrat in Tallahassee.

She also disputed Donald’s account of his legal issues. The congressman stated he was arrested in 1998 for possession of marijuana and in 1999 for bank fraud, serving no jail time for either offense, with the latter charge being expunged. However, Hall claimed Donalds was arrested for marijuana possession with intent to distribute and for stealing while working at his campus bookstore.

Hall was initially reluctant to discuss her time with Donald but decided to speak out after seeing him support Trump, whom she views as a “bad person.” Trump has faced numerous allegations and legal issues, including bragging about sexual assault, inciting the January 6 insurrection, and facing 91 criminal charges post-presidency for various offenses, including hush-money payments and attempting to overturn the 2020 election results.

“To see [Trump and Donalds] in collusion together, it was like, ‘If [Donalds] were a good human, would this very bad person be pushing him as a poster child?’” Hall asked the Trident rhetorically. “They’re both very opportunistic. You trot him out there and it makes some people feel better about Trump. I think what he’s doing is super dangerous and I think morally he and I have no crossover at all.”

Hall’s criticisms add to the controversy surrounding Donald’s political ambitions, painting a picture of a politician whose personal and professional histories are under intense scrutiny as he vies for a prominent role alongside Trump.



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