Following last week’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the calls for Biden to step down as the Democratic presidential candidate have intensified, told The Washington Post. Critics, including many Democrats, argue that Biden, regardless of his policies, is simply too old and senile to handle the responsibilities of the presidency. The left has long attempted to downplay concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, but this stance is now shifting.

However, one person remains unwavering in her support for Biden: his wife, Jill Biden. She appears determined to stand by her husband until the end, despite the mounting criticism.

In a recent speech at a Biden campaign rally, Jill Biden passionately defended her husband. She told the crowd, “I saw in [Joe] then the same character that I see in him today. And even though he has faced unimaginable tragedies, his optimism is undaunted. His strength is unshakable. His hope is undeterred!”

This unwavering support has not gone unchallenged. Sara Gonzales, a commentator, accused Jill Biden of “elder abuse.” Gonzales remarked, “The tragedy, Jill, is that you’re doing this to him. This is clearly elder abuse, and she seems to be thrilled about it.”

BlazeTV contributor John Doyle echoed this criticism, reflecting on Biden’s past charisma and intelligence. “You can go back and watch the way he would speak 30 years ago, and he was intelligent, he had a good charisma about him, and to allow whatever legacy that would have been in Democrat circles to become this,” Doyle commented. He further criticized Jill Biden’s actions, suggesting they are setting Biden up to be “ritually humiliated.”

Gonzales also expressed her sadness over the situation, stating, “The thing that does make me sad about this is … nobody in Joe Biden’s family loves him enough to say, ‘that’s enough; we’re done here.’”

As the debate surrounding Biden’s fitness for office continues to escalate, it raises questions about the future of his campaign and the broader implications for the Democratic Party. The increasing calls for Biden to step down underscore a growing concern among his critics about his ability to lead the nation.

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