In a remarkable turn of events on Tuesday, the Cleveland Cavaliers halted the Boston Celtics’ impressive winning run dramatically. With an outstanding contribution from Dean Wade off the bench, the Cavaliers managed to erase a 22-point deficit in the fourth quarter, eventually securing a 105-104 victory. This win not only ended the Celtics’ 11-game winning streak but also added an electrifying chapter to their rivalry.

The game reached its climax in the final moments, starting with the Cavaliers behind at 93-71 with just nine minutes remaining. However, they unleashed a formidable 34-11 surge, culminating in a decisive dunk by Wade with just 19 seconds left on the clock. The climax continued to build as Darius Garland attempted a layup in the dying seconds, missing it, but Wade was right there to finish the job, pushing the Cavaliers into the lead and igniting the home crowd’s enthusiasm.

The tension peaked when Jayson Tatum, the Celtics’ All-Star, nearly changed the game’s outcome with a fadeaway jumper in the final seconds. Although the shot missed, a foul was called on Garland for allegedly fouling Tatum, which could have given Tatum, an 82.9% free-throw shooter, the opportunity to clinch the game for the Celtics.

However, the initial decision was overturned after a critical review, which revealed Tatum’s leg kick as the cause of contact, leading to the foul call being reversed. This decision left the game to be decided by a jump ball with only 0.7 seconds left, ultimately sealing the Cavaliers’ stunning victory as time ran out before the Celtics could respond.

This victory not only showcased the Cavaliers’ resilience but also improved their record to 40-21, inching them closer to the second-place Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference standings. Despite the loss, the Celtics, with a record of 48-13, maintain a strong lead in the conference.

The game was fraught with challenges for the Cavaliers, who were missing key players due to injuries, including All-Star Donovan Mitchell. Additionally, Evan Mobley suffered an ankle injury during the game, further testing the team’s depth.

Despite these setbacks, the Cavaliers’ spirited comeback, fueled by precise long-range shooting and strategic play, particularly in the game’s final quarter, underlines the unpredictable nature of basketball and sets the stage for what could be an exhilarating playoff series should these two teams meet again.



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