With each passing day, it becomes clear that some view the current administration as resembling a “demented royal family.” Critics argue that President Biden, often portrayed as a “senile dude who can barely hold onto the presidency,” is struggling to maintain control. Meanwhile, his wife, referred to as the “evil Queen,” is accused of being an “ego-mad status seeker” demanding to be called a doctor despite holding a doctorate in education. This credential is disparaged as being as easy to acquire “as a horse burger at my slaughterhouse.” Their son, Hunter Biden, is labeled an “entitled Prince,” likened to a “cut-rate Caligula” whose idea of a family outing is scandalous.

The criticism of President Biden centers on his age and perceived frailty. “The guy’s hanging by a thread and that thread is hanging by a hair plug,” one commentator quipped. They referred to a letter Biden sent declaring his intention to stay in office, reading in part, “The voters of the Democratic Party have voted. They have chosen me to be the nominee of the party. Do we now just say this process didn’t matter, that the voters don’t have a say?”. told WCC Radio.

Critics argue that Democratic voters have limited choices, comparing their options unfavorably to the orphans employed to “shave my back.” The letter is described as defiant, with Biden seemingly daring the Democrats to challenge him. This defiance is seen as a struggle against both party pressures and the inevitable march of time.

The role of Jill Biden is also scrutinized. During a campaign stop in North Carolina, she asserted that Joe Biden is “all in.” Critics mock her support for her husband’s career, questioning what he did for her other than marry her. They dismiss her doctorate and previous work as a substitute teacher, suggesting she now pretends to be the “good wife” while pushing her confused husband into the political fray. Jill Biden’s visibility at events is compared to a sign language interpreter, signaling that “a vote for Joe is a vote for me.”

Media hesitance to criticize Jill Biden is attributed to her perceived ambition to remain in power. Her compassion is dismissed as phony, with critics suggesting she should be teaching summer school rather than playing the role of a supportive spouse. They predict that Joe Biden’s potential resignation would cast her as the villain, stripping away her access to high-profile events and media appearances.

Hunter Biden, dubbed the “Prince,” is portrayed as a problematic figure now acting as the de facto gatekeeper for his father. Critics highlight his troubled past, suggesting his involvement in the White House is inappropriate and scandalous. The transformation from a “halfway house to the White House” is deemed “insane.”

Overall, this narrative paints a picture of a dysfunctional administration, driven by personal ambitions and marred by scandal. The accusations and harsh language reflect deep-seated concerns and criticisms about the current state of leadership in the United States.



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