DePaul University’s struggle to regain prominence in men’s college basketball continues as the university has terminated head coach Tony Stubblefield. This decision comes after more than two years marked by underperformance and a lackluster record of 28-54. The Blue Demons’ current season has been particularly disappointing, with a 3-15 record and no victories in Big East play, most losses being by substantial margins.

Athletic director DeWayne Peevy expressed gratitude for Stubblefield’s efforts but acknowledged the team’s failure to achieve its objectives. This change is part of DePaul’s ongoing quest to revitalize a program that has not seen NCAA tournament action since 2004, the longest drought among power-conference teams.

The search for a new coach is critical for DePaul, which has seen minimal success even in league games since joining the Big East, often finishing at the bottom of the standings. With hopes for a turnaround, the focus is now on finding a leader who can invigorate the fanbase, increase funding, and leverage DePaul’s improving facilities to attract talent.

Several potential candidates have been suggested, ranging from the controversial Will Wade to the more widely respected Tom Crean and Bryce Drew. As the university embarks on this pivotal search, the urgency to restore DePaul’s past basketball glory and capitalize on its historical brand is more pressing than ever.



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