Ambar Roman, a devoted Dodgers fan, found herself at the center of a contentious situation when she caught Shohei Ohtani’s first homer with the team. Traditionally, fans are allowed to keep milestone balls, but the Dodgers’ handling of this incident sparked unnecessary drama.

Rather than honoring Roman’s rights as the ball’s rightful owner, the Dodgers allegedly pressured her into surrendering it for minimal compensation, despite its significant market value. Roman’s husband, Alexis Valenzuela, criticized the team for exploiting her vulnerability and cornering her into a disadvantageous deal.

Moreover, the Dodgers purportedly threatened to withhold authentication of the ball, rendering it worthless, if Roman insisted on taking it home. This maneuver not only undermined Roman’s position but also raised questions about the team’s integrity.

Even the promised meeting with Ohtani, meant to smooth over the situation, never materialized, casting doubt on the player’s claims and further exacerbating the controversy.

This mishandling of the situation reflects poorly on the Dodgers, especially considering their already tumultuous season. It serves as a stark reminder for fans to assert their rights in similar circumstances, despite any pressure tactics teams may employ.



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