Jonathan Kuminga’s rise to prominence in the Golden State Warriors’ lineup has been remarkable, with the young talent showcasing significant improvement since the All-Star break. Transitioning from a bench role to a starter, Kuminga has flourished, averaging 19.2 points per game on an impressive 51.6% shooting, coupled with 5.1 rebounds per game.

Behind this transformation lies a combination of factors, including coach Steve Kerr’s increased trust in the team’s young players and Kuminga’s personal growth throughout the season. However, a pivotal element in Kuminga’s development has been the mentorship provided by seasoned veteran Draymond Green.

As part of Green’s four-year, $100 million contract extension last summer, the Warriors explicitly requested that he take Kuminga under his wing, emphasizing the importance of his guidance in the young player’s journey. Green, committed to fulfilling this role, has been actively involved in Kuminga’s development, even during his suspension periods.

From sharing post-game insights via text messages to providing valuable video clips with game analysis, Green’s mentorship has been instrumental in Kuminga’s progress. Simple advice, such as encouraging Kuminga to trust his athleticism more, has contributed to his on-court success.

Looking ahead, Kuminga’s continued growth holds significant implications for the Warriors, especially as they navigate roster decisions and potential contract extensions. As Kuminga becomes extension-eligible this summer, the team faces decisions intertwined with the futures of key players like Klay Thompson and Chris Paul.

Despite earlier challenges, including moments of doubt regarding Coach Kerr, Kuminga’s journey represents a remarkable turnaround, emblematic of both personal growth and the nurturing environment fostered by the Warriors organization. With Green’s mentorship at the forefront, Kuminga’s trajectory signals a promising future for both himself and the team.



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