In a decisive move, the US House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. This action marks a significant escalation in the political struggle between Republicans and Democrats as the 2024 election approaches. The inquiry, driven by Republicans, centers on allegations involving Biden’s son, Hunter, and his international business dealings. Despite the lack of concrete evidence linking the president to corruption, the Republican-led House proceeded with the vote, which concluded along party lines: 221 in favor and 212 against.

According to a report by AP News, The allegations against Hunter Biden, which relate to incidents prior to Joe Biden’s presidency, have not been substantiated with proof of the president’s involvement. The White House has consistently denied any wrongdoing. President Biden, criticizing the inquiry, labeled it a “baseless” and politically motivated stunt, accusing the Republicans of prioritizing political attacks over substantial legislative work.

This inquiry provides Republicans with a prominent platform to challenge Biden during his re-election campaign, simultaneously diverting attention from the federal criminal trials facing Donald Trump, their likely presidential candidate.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and Republican leadership argue that the inquiry is justified, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in response to the president’s alleged refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas. They assert that the inquiry is essential for uncovering the truth.

Democrats, however, dismiss these claims as purely political, with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries emphasizing the lack of evidence against Biden. The inquiry’s outcome remains uncertain, as impeachment requires a trial and conviction by the Senate, where Democrats currently hold sway. Historically, no US president has been removed from office through impeachment, despite Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump undergoing the process.



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