As the New York Attorney General’s high-profile fraud lawsuit against the Trump Organization proceeds, Ivanka Trump, once a prominent figure in both the political sphere and the family business, is set to testify. Her departure from politics came after her father, former President Donald Trump, lost the 2020 election and she moved to Miami. However, her involvement with the Trump Organization as an executive will now be examined in court.

Ivanka’s time at the Trump Organization will come under legal scrutiny, especially regarding certain real estate deals and the valuation of assets, such as her New York apartment, allegedly inflated in the organization’s financial statements. The state’s inquiry has extended to her personal finances, questioning the Trump Organization’s involvement in paying for her living expenses and taxes even after her resignation.

Despite attempts to dismiss the subpoena on the grounds of non-residency in New York, a judge has ruled that Ivanka Trump’s business activities in the state require her to testify. The appeals court upheld this decision, and Ivanka withdrew her motion to avoid testifying and sealing her appearance.

The upcoming testimony is anticipated to focus on specific transactions with Deutsche Bank and the rental valuation of her New York apartment, part of the Attorney General’s claim that the Trump family manipulated asset valuations for tax and insurance benefits.

As reported by AP News, The case has already seen a pre-trial ruling against the Trump business, with potential consequences for the company’s licenses and operations in New York. Financial repercussions could be significant, with the state seeking $250 million in penalties and prohibiting the Trumps’ business activities in New York. Following heated testimonies from Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and the former president himself, Ivanka Trump’s testimony is next in line in this unfolding courtroom drama.



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