Former NFL star J.J. Watt has hinted at the possibility of returning to the gridiron for the Houston Texans if the need arises, under the guidance of his former teammate and current Texans head coach, DeMeco Ryans. Watt, who stepped away from professional football in 2022 after an illustrious 12-year career, shared his thoughts during a charity event in Houston, told by Reuters.

“I consider myself incredibly blessed,” Watt remarked, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. “I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling career, have a wonderful family, and I left the game in good health, which I’m grateful for.”

Watt made it clear last year that he would only consider a comeback if Ryans truly needed him. “I’ve told DeMeco, ‘Only call if there’s no other choice. But know that I’ll answer that call if it comes,'” he stated, shred by Fox News.

Spending the majority of his career in Houston, Watt has deep ties to the team. He and Ryans were teammates during Watt’s rookie year, and Ryans himself is a former Pro Bowl linebacker for the Texans, now in his second season as head coach. Under Ryans’ leadership, the Texans clinched an AFC South championship and a notable playoff victory against the Cleveland Browns last season.

Despite being 35 and beyond the peak of his career, Watt maintains that he is staying fit and ready, although he admits there is a limit. “This will be the last year I extend this offer, as I can’t keep up this training indefinitely,” he explained.

The circumstances under which Ryans might call upon Watt remain speculative. It could range from an injury crisis to defensive challenges during the season. Given Watt’s impactful performance in his last NFL season with the Arizona Cardinals, where he secured 12.5 sacks, the potential for his return cannot be dismissed lightly. The question remains whether Ryans will make that pivotal call to bring Watt back into the fold.



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