In the aftermath of the New York Jets’ 37-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night, head coach Robert Saleh shouldered the blame, despite various team shortcomings. The game saw the Jets’ defense struggling in the first half, an offense that fizzled after an initial score, and a series of penalties.

According to report by a USA Today, Saleh, firmly in charge, acknowledged his role in the team’s performance. He pointed to technical issues and a lack of precision, particularly evident in the short week leading up to the game. “There are a lot of things where I have to look inward first before I start looking at our players,” Saleh stated, emphasizing the need for self-evaluation.

The Jets’ left tackle Mekhi Becton faced a tough challenge against Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett, resulting in multiple penalties and pressures on quarterback Trevor Siemian. Saleh commended Garrett’s skill but also hinted at reviewing the coaching strategies to support the team better against such formidable opponents.

The loss, which brought the Jets’ record to 6-10, was not solely attributed to coaching. However, Saleh’s reflective responses suggested a readiness to scrutinize his own decisions closely. This self-critical approach comes even as the Jets had shown promise in previous games, with notable victories at home.

Joe Flacco, quarterback for the Browns, delivered an impressive performance with his fourth consecutive 300-yard game. His connection with tight end David Njoku was particularly impactful, with Njoku securing significant yardage in the first half. Saleh recognized Flacco’s growing comfort with the Browns’ offense and praised his performance.

Saleh also acknowledged some defensive lapses that allowed Njoku’s success, citing positioning issues and a missed footing. Despite these challenges, he appreciated his team’s second-half effort, which saw a more effective defense.

Reflecting on the team’s discipline issues, Saleh focused on the need to address the Jets’ penalty problem, taking personal responsibility for the pre-snap errors that have plagued the team.

Saleh’s approach in the postgame conference was clear: he prioritized taking responsibility himself, rather than placing blame on his players or coaching staff. This leadership stance was evident as he vowed to address and rectify the issues faced by the Jets.



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