In an incident that left a Michigan judge both perplexed and frustrated, a defendant charged with driving on a suspended license attended his virtual court hearing from behind the wheel. The unusual situation unfolded during a Zoom hearing on May 15 in Ann Arbor, involving defendant Corey Harris, via WXYZ Channel 7.

As the session commenced, the assistant public defender introduced herself to Judge Cedric Simpson just as Harris dialed into the meeting from his car. The scenario quickly took an unexpected turn when Judge Simpson noticed Harris’s location. “Mr. Harris, are you driving?” Simpson inquired. Harris responded, “Actually, I’m pulling into my doctor’s office actually. Just give me one second. I’m parking right now,” as he continued to maneuver his vehicle into a parking space.

The judge waited impatiently for Harris to park, visibly concerned over the blatant disregard for the law displayed by the defendant in real-time. Once the hearing officially began, Harris’s attorney requested an adjournment, asking the court for a delay of possibly up to four weeks.

However, Judge Simpson, troubled by the irony of the situation, expressed his incredulity. “OK, so maybe I don’t understand something. This is a driving while license suspended [case],” Simpson stated to the public defender. “And he was just driving, and he doesn’t have a license.”

Caught in an awkward position, Harris seemed at a loss for words. The judge, astonished by the defendant’s decision to drive without a valid license, especially during his court hearing on the very issue, decided to take immediate action. “I don’t even know why he would do that,” Simpson remarked. Consequently, he revoked Harris’s bond, ordering him to surrender himself to the Washtenaw County Jail by 6 p.m. on the same day.

The hearing concluded with Harris whispering “Oh my God” in disbelief, realizing the gravity of his mistake. His attorney assured him that she would be in touch soon, presumably to discuss the next steps after this dramatic turn of events.

The incident has highlighted the complexities and challenges of virtual court proceedings, where participants’ environments and actions are on full display, leading to unexpected and sometimes legally consequential situations.



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