Kanye West has gone silent amid a battery investigation following an alleged incident at the Chateau Marmont involving his wife, Bianca Censori, and twins Mark and Jonnie Houston.

The Heartless rapper, 46 – who recently enjoyed a casual dinner date with Censori at Denny’s – allegedly punched one of the twins due to claims that Censori had been  ‘physically and sexually’ by one of them in April at the iconic hotel in Los Angeles. The music artist became a suspect in the battery case, and it was later revealed that he got physical with the ‘wrong’ twin.

However, just one month after the altercation allegedly took place, both West and the twins – who own various restaurants and bars in L.A. – have gone completely quiet, law enforcement told TMZ in a new update on Friday.

Police informed the outlet that there isn’t clear evidence of the alleged assault and added that Kanye and the twins need to cooperate with cops for the investigation.  But the trio have not been responding when law enforcement reached out. 

Law enforcement told TMZ that they speculate Kanye – who also goes by Ye – as well as the Houston twins have privately worked out the problem. 

Due to a lack of evidence as well as receiving no responses from the trio, the police are not able to send the case to the L.A. City Attorney’s office – although the case does remain open. 

The alleged altercation took place last month in April when West and Bianca were spending time at the Chateau Marmont.  He was named a suspect in a battery report due to ‘punching a man who grabbed Bianca Censori.’ 

At the time, his team informed DailyMail that she wasn’t simply bumped or pushed during the incident. His team claimed that his wife was sexually assaulted by one of the twins when one of them reached his hands under her dress and also ‘blew kisses’ in her direction. 

West’s representatives stated, ‘”Grabbed” is grossly inadequate as a description of what happened. Bianca was physically assaulted. The assailant didn’t merely collide with her.’ 

‘He put his hands under her dress, directly on her body, he grabbed her waist, he spun her around, and then he blew her kisses. She was battered and sexually assaulted.’ Also last month in April, Kanye broke his silence over the incident at the Chateau Marmont. 

In an attempt to set the record straight while appearing on Justin LaBoy’s The Download podcast, the rapper explained why he got physical with a man, who he believed inappropriately touched his wife Bianca Censori.

After finding the man, who he alleged ‘grabbed’ his spouse, the father-of-four, who said he did not see the incident ‘directly’ happen, claims he told the man to ‘leave right now.’

‘I talked to the guy and said, ‘You just, you need to leave right now, and he was like, ‘Oh, ‘it’s okay.’ And, it’s like, no, it’s not okay,” the Stronger hitmaker recalled. ‘It wasn’t okay.’ The ex-husband of Kardashian continued: ‘He had to go to bed early… I tucked this n**ga in.’

When asked if the man might still be sleeping, West looked down and said: ‘I don’t know what happened.’A report also surfaced on TMZ, claiming West punched one half of a set of twins who own numerous L.A. bars and restaurants, but reportedly took a swipe at the wrong one.

The twins are Mark and Jonnie Houston, who own L.A. hotspots such as No Vacancy, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, Black Rabbit Rose, and Break Room 86. West and Censori claimed that Censori bumped into one of the brothers and that he proceeded to assault her.

However, sources claimed there is no evidence to back up those claims, with TMZ’s sources calling Censori’s allegations, ‘totally off base and simply not accurate.’Sources claimed that a man bumped into Censori in the Chateau Marmont lobby, which was said to be quite busy at that time.

The incident happened quickly and the man went on his way, heading outside to sit with some friends. Shortly thereafter, West came up to the table to confront the man, ultimately punching the man in the face. However, West apparently hit the wrong man – the other twin and not the one who bumped into his girlfriend in the lobby.

It isn’t clear at this time which of the twins ran into Censori and which one was ultimately punched by West. The Houston twins are said to frequent the Chateau Marmont quite a bit though it’s unclear if they’ve interacted with West before.

The rapper left the hotel after the incident, long before police arrived, with cops reportedly wanting to talk to West after the altercation.  West reportedly punched the wrong brother two times, with law enforcement sources failing to find any evidence that one of the brothers assaulted Censori in any way. 

Despite no evidence being found, West’s team is adamant that Censori was assaulted that night. ‘This was a physical, sexual assault and any attempt to undermine the seriousness of what happened is repellent and vile,’ one of Kanye’s reps said in a statement.



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