Kanye West is seemingly facing serious money problems. According to the latest documents obtained by In Touch Weekly, the controversial rapper has cut off contact with his lawyer, Brian Brumfield, after failing to pay him. In response, Brumfield is stepping down from his position and has filed a motion to be relieved as counsel for Kanye West, who is Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband.

His motion reads, “Defendant, Kanye West, terminated the relationship on 6/21/2024. Defendant also will not speak to counsel and Defendant refuses to pay counsel as well.” This development seemingly confirms earlier reports from the outlet that Kanye West is experiencing financial strain.

An insider revealed, “Kanye’s been burning through his savings at an alarming rate, and it’s starting to have a very real impact on his bank balance.” The source continued, explaining that after years of extravagant spending, “it’s now gotten to the point where he’s got no choice but to make some cutbacks, like flying coach instead of private jets.”

Further elaborating on the situation, the insider said, “It’s put him in the humiliating position of needing to actually ask Kim to give him a break and help him out,” before moving on to another topic.

This financial strain is a stark contrast to Kanye’s previous lifestyle of free spending and luxury. Known for his high-profile projects and expensive tastes, the shift to budget-conscious decisions marks a significant change in his financial strategy.

The news of his financial troubles comes amidst a series of public controversies and legal issues that have plagued Kanye in recent years. These challenges, combined with the high costs associated with his various ventures, appear to have taken a toll on his finances.

As Kanye navigates these financial difficulties, the implications for his career and public image remain to be seen. The rapper, known for his innovative contributions to music and fashion, now faces the additional challenge of managing his finances more carefully.

Kanye West’s financial troubles have led to a fallout with his lawyer, Brian Brumfield, who has stepped down due to unpaid fees and lack of communication. This development underscores the severity of Kanye’s financial strain, as he adjusts his spending habits and seeks support from his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.



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