Even Kylie Jenner couldn’t help but laugh at a comment left under her latest TikTok that references the time Travis Scott couldn’t remember her dogs’ names.

Kylie Jenner is a dog mom, too!

A fan’s remark on Kylie Cosmetics’ most recent TikTok poked fun at an interview she made with Travis Scott in 2018 in which he couldn’t identify all of her pets.

Kylie can be heard in the video crying out to her dogs before six puppies rush up to her and jump about. “Hi everybody!” Kylie exclaims at one point.

Many fans expressed their surprise at finding how many dogs Kylie owned under the video, with one asking, “why did they just keep coming?” According to influencer Remi Bader, “LMAOOOO a whole crew!!! This is cute.”

But it was one of Kylie’s followers who made her laugh, tweeting, “I understand why Travis didn’t know their names now,” referring to the GQ interview. Kylie responded with a laughing emoji.

Travis only remembers one of Kylie’s puppies, Norman, in the GQ video. At one point, the rapper guesses, “There’s a girl, Pretty, or like what’s her name?”

Kylie explains, “Her name is Bambi!”

Kylie said in the interview that, in addition to Norman and Bambi, she is also a dog mom to Rosy and Harley.

“Okay wait, who is the Alpha dog out of all of these dogs?” Travis asks, to which the beauty mogul responds that it’s Norman.

Kylie looks to have welcomed another pair of pooches into her house since the 2018 interview, however she has yet to reveal their names to the rest of the world.



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