Former President Donald Trump is demanding that President Joe Biden submit to a drug test before their upcoming debate, reviving an unfounded conspiracy theory that Biden is using performance-enhancing substances to maintain alertness during public speaking events.

On the far-right Newsmax network, in a conversation with Eric Bolling, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who holds a senior position at the Republican National Committee, echoed this demand. “I want fairness,” Lara Trump stated, insisting that Biden undergo a drug test to ensure a level playing field for the debate, told Raw Story.

The presidential debates are scheduled earlier than usual in this election cycle after both Biden and Trump agreed that the traditional debate schedule was problematic. However, reports suggest that Trump’s associates are privately frustrated with Biden’s willingness to participate in the debates, as they had hoped he would avoid them, providing Trump with a potential campaign talking point.

“I don’t think it’s an outrageous request at all,” she said. “People across this country have a lot of questions about what is going on with Joe Biden. Why do you seem to see two very different versions of him in very rapid succession from time to time? We have a lot of questions that need to be answered, and you think about all of the charges and accusations over the years that they’ve leveled at Donald Trump. He’s had to defend himself multiple times, on multiple occasions, for multiple different things. Why not, now, will Joe Biden — all we want is fairness. And we want that across the board, we want fair elections, we want fair debates, and certainly, if somebody is using some sort of a substance, that would be nice for the American people to know.” “So I don’t think it is a request that is too outrageous by any measure,” she added. “I certainly think it’s something that should be looked into and, yes, while he jokes about it, it’s actually very serious to consider the leader of the free world might — who knows what’s going on with him. It’s rather concerning.”

Trump’s demand for a drug test is not new. During the 2020 campaign, he made similar accusations without providing any evidence. This latest insistence follows the same pattern, aiming to cast doubt on Biden’s mental and physical fitness.

Lara Trump’s remarks about wanting fairness were met with skepticism and ridicule on social media Monday night. Critics argue that the demand for a drug test is a distraction tactic designed to undermine Biden’s credibility without substantive basis. The conspiracy theory suggesting that Biden requires stimulants for public events has been widely debunked, but it continues to circulate within certain right-wing media circles.

The former president’s strategy seems to involve sowing doubt and stirring controversy ahead of the debates. By pushing the drug test narrative, Trump may be attempting to create a pretext for questioning the outcome of the debates should Biden perform well.

As the debate approaches, this demand adds another layer of drama to an already highly charged political atmosphere. Trump’s supporters may rally behind the call for a drug test, viewing it as a legitimate concern, while Biden’s supporters dismiss it as yet another baseless attack.

The stakes for the debates are high, with both candidates under intense scrutiny. Biden’s agreement to participate has undermined one of Trump’s potential criticisms, forcing the former president to find new angles of attack. The drug test demand is part of this broader strategy to challenge Biden’s readiness and capability.

In the coming days, the focus will likely shift back to the candidates’ policies and performance in the debates themselves. However, Trump’s insistence on a drug test ensures that questions about the candidates’ health and fitness will remain in the spotlight, adding to the political theater that surrounds this election season.



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