Ferrari is poised to confirm an extension of Charles Leclerc’s contract through 2025 this Thursday, even after Leclerc vocally expressed disappointment at being forced to retire before the start of the Brazilian Grand Prix due to a technical failure.

A teasing post from the iconic Italian racing team suggested exciting news was imminent, sparking widespread speculation. Italian publication Autosprint reported that an announcement about Leclerc’s continued partnership with Ferrari, known in Italy as the Scuderia, is expected shortly.

The conjecture over Leclerc’s contract renewal arises amidst a season rife with challenges for both the driver and Ferrari. Leclerc’s visible exasperation after the early exit in Brazil underscored the strained relationship, which has been tested by reliability issues and tactical errors.

Leclerc is reportedly seeking assurances from Ferrari for a competitive race car before committing to a future with the team, as per reports from Corriere della Sera. The relationship between the Monegasque driver and Ferrari has been a passionate yet turbulent affair, often hindered by the team’s shortcomings.

Corriere della Sera’s Daniele Sparisci described the current atmosphere as one of “wounds of love,” underscoring the bond between Leclerc and Ferrari, yet tempered by ongoing challenges. Sparisci noted Leclerc’s pressing need for confidence in Ferrari’s capabilities to mount a serious championship challenge.

As Ferrari approaches 2024, all eyes will be on the team’s new principal, Frederic Vasseur, to steer the team back to its former glory. With current concerns about the absence of strong leadership, the upcoming year could be decisive for Vasseur’s legacy at Ferrari.

As reported by a Sport mole, commentaries from the Italian media reflect a stark departure from Ferrari’s storied past, with observations of a disconnect between the team and its fervent fan base, and internal indifference, signaling a pressing need to rediscover the team’s core values and competitive spirit.

Ralf Schumacher, a former Formula 1 driver, has remarked on the necessity of patience and long-term vision in restoring Ferrari’s competitiveness, reminding fans that progress in such an esteemed team is a marathon, not a sprint.

As Ferrari prepares to navigate through this pivotal phase, the anticipated announcement of Leclerc’s contract renewal symbolizes a step towards stability and faith in a brighter future for the Scuderia.



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