A mother who says that she is “addicted” to having tattoos has been banned from entering all of the pubs in her neighborhood because the ‘posh’ patrons are afraid of her look. Melissa Sloan, 45, claims she “can’t obtain a job” because of the patterns that cover the majority of her body, including her face. She’s had so many tattoos that she’s lost track of how many she has.

She’s spent numerous hours under the needle over the years, and she’s even started going over her previous patterns as she’s run out of room – but while some may give up at this point, Melissa isn’t. She just got five crosses tattooed on her face, some of which are upside down, in order to “keep the haters away” after plenty of funny looks on the street from strangers.

(Image: Melissa Sloan)

Melissa previously revealed that she struggled to get work because of her extensive tattoos, but now she’s revealed that she can’t even walk into pubs in her neighborhood because the owners believe she scares away clients. “I’ve had some new ones put on, I’ve had some crosses placed on my face – some regular and others upside down, I’ve got around five on there,” mother-of-two explained according to the Dailystar.

I’d like to do more, but I don’t have the time right now. I bought it to discourage haters, and it works – I get more looks now, but it keeps them at far. “I’m going to have crosses to cover my entire face; I know that seems insane, but that’s who I am.” I like being stamped, which is what I call getting tattooed. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as well as Sunday since Sundays are dull.”

Melissa stated that she gets tattoos on certain days since her children are at school and she has enough spare time to be under the needle. Tattoos have gotten more costly in recent years, so Melissa regularly performs them “prison style” at home with her own equipment to save money. “My children enjoy my tattoos; they don’t know any difference,” she stated.

(Image: Melissa Sloan)

“The first job I had was cleaning eons ago, scrubbing toilets,” Melissa said of her struggle to find work. People have stated I’ve never worked a day in my life, but I did have one once and it didn’t last long. “However, if someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would go to work – I would accept that offer.” “They don’t have to listen to me. I can’t fit in with people because I like to be myself and will always be myself.” “However, I’m not leaving.”



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