Author and activist Monica Lewinsky has called for the impeachment of Judge Aileen Cannon, who is overseeing former President Donald Trump’s case regarding classified documents. Expressing her frustration in a recent post on the social platform X, Lewinsky did not mince words about the stalled proceedings.

“I awakened angry about the documents case in Florida,” Lewinsky wrote. “it is INSANE that it hasn’t moved forward to trial, and I hope judge [Aileen Cannon] is impeached. If the documents had been declassified (which they weren’t) then all Trump had to do was xerox them and return originals that were being asked for and explain they were declassified (again, for those in back, which they weren’t).”

The case in question has seen significant delays, with Judge Cannon indefinitely postponing it and refusing to set a trial date pending the resolution of pretrial motions. This decision has attracted considerable criticism, particularly concerning the perceived leniency shown towards Trump. Michael Steele, former Chair of the Republican National Committee, echoed these sentiments, stating that Cannon is “putting the prosecution on trial.”

Lewinsky further emphasized the gravity of the situation in her post, highlighting the potential risks and repercussions of the judge’s actions. “IF it had been an honest (ahem) mistake to take them… just return them — LIKE EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT WHO WAS FOUND TO HAVE CLASSIFIED MATERIALS IN THEIR PRIVATE POSSESSION. (which still would have warranted an investigation but maybe not resulted in a trial,)” she argued. “the danger and damage done by this judge is mind-numbing,” she added, via Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time Lewinsky has taken a stand on public issues. Rising to prominence during the Clinton administration, she has since become a vocal advocate against bullying and has been actively involved in various social causes. Recently, she was the face of the Reformation’s “You’ve Got the Power” workwear campaign in partnership with, aimed at encouraging voter participation.

In late 2022, Lewinsky also advocated for constitutional amendments through an op-ed, proposing changes including age limits for elected officials and a ban on presidential self-pardons, underlining her ongoing commitment to political reform and justice.



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