The Nashville Metropolitan Council has turned down a proposal for a neon sign at Morgan Wallen’s upcoming bar, citing the country singer’s previous controversial actions, including using a racial slur and an incident involving throwing a chair from a rooftop, nearly injuring police officers, via People.

During the council meeting held on Tuesday, a resolution was presented to authorize 4th Avenue Property LLC, the entity behind Wallen’s Bar, to install a prominent lighted sign at Morgan Wallen’s This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen located in downtown Nashville. The resolution was decisively defeated with a vote count of three in favor, thirty against, and four abstentions. This decision comes just ahead of the bar’s planned opening this Memorial Day weekend.

Wallen’s representatives have opted not to comment on the council’s decision. Additionally, attempts to reach the registered agent for 4th Avenue Property for a statement were unsuccessful.

Council member Jacob Kupin, who introduced the resolution, shared that the proposal coincided with allegations of Wallen’s disruptive behavior, specifically his recent chair-throwing episode. Wallen has expressed regret over his actions, stating on social media platform X, “I am not proud of my behavior” and that he holds “utmost respect for the officers working every day to keep us all safe.”

Despite Wallen’s apology and efforts by the TC Restaurant Group—which supports the bar—to improve safety downtown, the resolution faced strong opposition. Kupin advocated for the sign, highlighting the need to separate the artist’s personal actions from the business operations, yet he also emphasized the importance of addressing the concerns raised by Wallen’s past behavior.

During the debate, other council members voiced their objections. Delishia Porterfield, an at-large council member, underscored her stance against promoting an establishment tied to someone who has used racially insensitive language and exhibited reckless behavior. She referenced recent legislative efforts aimed at fostering inclusivity in Nashville, which she felt were contradicted by endorsing Wallen’s business venture.

Council members Brenda Gadd and Joy Smith Kimbrough cited similar reasons for their opposition, pointing to Wallen’s repeated chances for redemption and the respect owed to the nearly injured officers. Council member Jordan Huffman criticized Wallen’s behavior as damaging to the community’s reputation and expressed strong disapproval of granting him further public acknowledgment.

The decision highlights Nashville’s ongoing struggle with balancing business interests with community standards and the broader implications of endorsing public figures with contentious histories.



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