This video shows a German Shepherd dog rescuing his brother from an attack by a neighbor’s dog. Many social media users have hailed a German Shepherd as a hero after a video of him saving his brother from another dog’s attack in the neighborhood went viral. The video, which is slowly gaining popularity on social media platforms, begins with a young boy playing on the lawn with his pet dog. As the video progresses, another dog can be seen running toward the child, apparently intending to attack him.

What comes next is simply too good to pass up. The child is quickly rescued by the pet dog, who snaps at the aggressive animal. He even follows him until his brother is at a safe distance. The video shared on the Insta page ‘Positive News’ is credited to a TikTok user who goes by the handle @flodaboy239 on the platform. “This hero deserves all the treats!” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. A text insert on the video reads, “Pet German Shepherd rescues his boy from a charging dog.”

The video has received over 2.8 lakh views and 14,800 likes since it was shared a day ago. It has also incited a flood of responses from Instagram users.

Look at the comments received on the video below:

An Instagram user posted, “Shepherds are so loyal to their family. They’re such good dogs”, while the other wrote, “That’s giving back the love he receives from his boy.” “Amazing! Gave me the chills. We don’t deserve dogs,” wrote a third Instagram user. A fourth individual commented, “WOW!! That’s a protector! Luckily that pet dog was there!! God Bless.” “Dogs are just the best,” expressed a fifth with heart emoticons. Many also shared heart emoticons to express their feelings.



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