According to a report published by Newsweek on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, former President Donald Trump faced criticism from his niece, Mary Trump, who mocked him for making a geographical gaffe during his speech.

The former President made the gaffe during a rally in Derry, New Hampshire.

Mary Trump, a frequent critic of her uncle, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a video clip of the incident and express her disdain.

During the rally, Donald Trump praised Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary but mistakenly referred to him as “the leader of Turkey.”

His statement drew attention and raised eyebrows among attendees and online observers.

Mary Trump, seizing the opportunity, posted the video and sarcastically commented, “Man. Woman. Camera. TV. Moron.”

This remark was a play on a cognitive test that Donald Trump had previously boasted about taking.

Mary Trump further urged her followers to sign up for her newsletter, taking a jab at her uncle’s waning financial valuations and promising to expose stories about his fragile ego and continued danger.

Her tweet read, “Want to help get under Donald’s skin tonight while he embarrasses himself on stage? As Donald’s financial valuations continue to decline, my newsletter keeps on growing.”

She continued, “Don’t miss an upcoming story about his fragile ego—and how dangerous he still is.”

Donald Trump’s rally in New Hampshire was significant as he formally filed for the primary, signaling his intention to run for president again.

During the event, he drew comparisons between himself and Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa and anti-apartheid activist.

Donald Trump claimed that his legal battles, including four criminal indictments and civil trials, were motivated by a desire to save the country from “fascists” and “lunatics” who he believes are destroying America.

In response to President Joe Biden’s handling of the Hamas attack on Israel, Donald Trump criticized him and pledged to build an Iron Dome-style missile defense shield over the United States if reelected.

He emphasized the need for such a defense system and stated, “Americans deserve an Iron Dome, and that’s what we’re going to have.”

Mary Trump’s recent mocking of her uncle follows a previous incident in which she expressed frustration over his repeated rule-breaking and called for his incarceration.

She expressed her anger at Donald Trump’s ability to defy restrictions and stated, “Let’s get this mother f***** incarcerated already. I have a plan.”

She later outlined her plan in an episode of her podcast.

The relationship between Donald Trump and Mary Trump has remained strained, with Mary Trump consistently criticizing her uncle’s actions and policies.

She has used various platforms, including social media and her podcast, to voice her opinions and provide insights into her perspective as a member of the Trump family.



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