In another heated NBA in-season tournament clash, tensions flared as the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Memphis Grizzlies. A shoving match erupted in the first quarter between Anthony Davis and Santi Aldama, resulting in double technical fouls for both players.

According to a report by Yahoo Sports, the incident unfolded after Davis scored a contested layup, putting the Lakers ahead 18-16. As Davis attempted to return to defense, Aldama wrapped him up, claiming interference with an inbound pass. Davis responded by shoving Aldama to the ground, leading to a confrontation between the two players.

Memphis guard Desmond Bane joined the fray, going chest-to-chest with Davis and sparking a bench-clearing meeting. The players had to be separated, and both Davis and Aldama received technical fouls. Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins, incensed by the situation, also received a technical.

In the second half, Davis showcased his dominance on the court with a legal retaliation. He swatted away Bane’s attempted layup, sending him sprawling to the floor. The Lakers ultimately secured a 134-107 victory, advancing to a 2-0 record in West Group B, while the Grizzlies fell to 0-3.

The clash added to the intensity of the ongoing tournament, and Jenkins, no stranger to expressing his frustrations with officiating, received another technical, this time for his vocal criticism of the referees. Despite the fines and league consequences, Jenkins remained steadfast in defending his players and their efforts on the court.



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