In a tragic incident in Tennessee, 7-year-old Alexandra Hope Kelly died due to a large foil balloon she received for her birthday. Channa Kelly, Alexandra’s mother, detailed the harrowing incident in a Facebook post, hoping to alert other parents to the potential risks associated with these seemingly harmless decorations.

The tragedy occurred on October 1st when Alexandra was playfully popping her birthday balloons at their Clinton home. Among them was a sizable foil balloon shaped as the number “7,” which unfortunately led to the tragic event. Channa had previously ensured all latex balloons were popped, recognizing them as a choking hazard. However, she was unaware of the potential dangers of the foil balloon. After allowing her daughter to pop it, she briefly retired to her bedroom and upon returning, found Alexandra with the burst balloon enveloping her head.

Despite her immediate attempts at CPR and the rapid response from emergency services, Alexandra couldn’t be revived. The exact cause of death remains uncertain, with possibilities ranging from suffocation to helium poisoning. Authorities are awaiting autopsy results for a definite conclusion.

Highlighting the gravity of such incidents, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission data indicates balloons as the leading cause of suffocation-related deaths among children’s products.

Channa Kelly, still in mourning, recollected her daughter’s love for arts, crafts, swimming, and the infectious joy that always brightened those around her. She urges parents to be more vigilant, aiming to prevent such heart-wrenching incidents in the future.



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