A routine television segment promoting President Joe Biden’s visit to Philadelphia on Sunday took an unexpected turn when a campaign volunteer made a surprising remark that underscored concerns about the president’s fitness for office.

The moment occurred during a KYW-TV piece covering Biden’s campaign swing to the City of Brotherly Love. Biden began his day with a visit to a church and then proceeded to visit campaign offices in the Manayunk section of the city—a move that caught at least one volunteer off guard.

“Is he coming here?” campaign volunteer Solomon Troupe asked on camera. “I didn’t know. That’s cool. That’s dope.” Then came the unexpected comment: “I hope he’s awake for it.”

The clip quickly gained attention after the Republican social media account RNC Research picked it up, amplifying the volunteer’s apparent jab at the president. This wasn’t the only part of the Philadelphia report that potentially hurt Biden’s campaign. A segment featuring a local pizza shop highlighted a shift in political allegiance due to economic concerns.

“Now, I’m leaning toward Donald Trump,” said a man identified as a worker at Marathon Pizza. “Because with Biden in office the past four-year term, it’s gotten a lot more expensive,” he told KYW.

This broadcast is particularly significant as it aired in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state. While Philadelphia traditionally leans blue, its suburbs are often the battlegrounds that determine the state’s 19 Electoral College votes.

The fact that a Biden campaign volunteer felt comfortable making a joke—on camera—about the president’s alertness is troubling for the Democrats. It suggests internal doubts about Biden’s capability, which could be detrimental as the campaign seeks to galvanize support. This incident, coupled with public grievances over inflation, signals potential vulnerabilities that the Biden campaign must address.

As the 2024 election approaches, maintaining unity and confidence within the campaign is crucial. Public comments like Troupe’s, however humorous they may seem, can have significant repercussions. They not only provide fodder for political opponents but also risk undermining voter confidence in the president’s ability to lead effectively.

In a state as pivotal as Pennsylvania, every comment and public perception can make a difference. The Biden campaign will need to work diligently to counteract these negative impressions and focus on delivering a strong, cohesive message to voters if they hope to secure a victory in the upcoming election.



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