Preston Morris, a resident of Fayette County, expressed his anguish upon learning that Shelby County deputies involved in the fatal shooting of his fiancée, Melissa Horton, will not face any charges.

The dashcam footage unveiled on Tuesday depicted Shelby County deputies trying to halt a white SUV driven by 43-year-old Melissa Horton. While initially appearing to cooperate, Horton seemed to make an attempt to bypass another deputy before being blocked. As the deputies approached the car, guns were drawn, and Horton tragically lost her life at the scene.

Upon watching the footage, an emotional Morris expressed, “They riddled her with bullets, a mother to three wonderful kids. It felt like they were shooting a dangerous felon. It’s unbelievable.”

The incident began when Morris, from his Fayette County home, reported Horton for pointing a gun at him. He described her as a loving person and an excellent mother but acknowledged her struggles with alcohol. He stated that tensions arose between them on the day of the incident when he suggested she seek help for her drinking.

What unfolded was beyond Morris’s expectations. “I never anticipated that they’d react so intensely, treating her like an animal. That part haunts me,” he commented.

District Attorney Steve Mulroy clarified the reason behind the officers not facing charges, stating, “The footage clearly shows Horton brandishing a shotgun at one of the deputies. This armed threat was a primary factor in our decision against pressing criminal charges against the officers.”

Reported by WREG News Despite the official stance, Morris remains skeptical about Horton’s intentions that day. He explained, “In her intoxicated state, she often struggled with following directions. I truly believe that.”

Morris conveyed his belief that while the deputies might evade legal ramifications, they would grapple with the moral weight of their actions. “I sense they’re tormented by their decisions. The burden of their conscience might be punishment enough,” he concluded.



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