After the scathing Stormy Daniels testimony in the Manhattan courtroom, former President Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail, attacking President Joe Biden in his speeches. However, according to the Daily Mail, Melania Trump allegedly isn’t too fond of Donald’s ‘impressions’ of Biden.

In the past, Donald imitated Biden while speaking to the press and during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February this year reported Newsweek. Donald, while addressing a lively crowd at Wildwood, shared that Melania is his strongest critic, persuading him to quit his impressions of Biden.

Donald said, “I called my wife, the great first lady. I said, ‘First lady, how great a speech was that?’ She said, ‘You were OK.’ I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ Melania reportedly answered, ‘Well, you couldn’t find your way off stage!’”

Subsequently, the former president vented his frustration over the ongoing trial that has effectively sidelined his campaign efforts. According to Politico, the rally was only the third public appearance that Donald has made since the trial began.

Donald kicked off the event by announcing his intention to compete not only in New Jersey but also in Minnesota and Virginia. Thereafter, he criticized the justice system and President Biden, touching upon topics like the border, windmills, electric vehicles, China, and migration.

Additionally, he addressed Biden’s promise to withhold weapons from Israel to prevent an assault on the densely populated city of Rafah. According to his campaign, a staggering 80,000 supporters attended the event on Saturday, May 11.

As Donald juggles legal challenges and runs a campaign for a second term in the White House, the former first lady has chosen to maintain a low profile. Despite her absence, reports suggest that Melania remains in good spirits. However, political enthusiasts argue that her presence in public alongside Donald would go a long way in helping him both in court and at rallies.

Reports suggest that Melania holds great popularity among the MAGA faithful, evident from the enthusiastic cheers that erupt from crowds whenever her name gets mentioned. Currently, Donald’s 2024 campaign has garnered attention for its use of harsh rhetoric against authoritarian figures.

He has consistently referred to his opponents as ‘vermin’ and made statements about immigrants allegedly “poisoning the blood of the country,” according to USA Today, which prompted backlash on social media. In his latest speech on Saturday, Donald said,

“We have enemies on the outside and we have enemies from within. The enemies from within are more dangerous to me than the enemies on the outside. Russia and China we can handle, but these lunatics within our government that are gonna destroy our country, and probably want to, we have to get it stopped.”

As Trump navigates his legal challenges and his campaign, the support of his wife Melania, though behind the scenes, remains significant. Her critiques and influence continue to shape his approach, even as he faces mounting pressures on multiple fronts.



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