Thursday night saw Steve Aoki electrifying the stage at Lumen Field with a halftime performance during the Seahawks’ Thanksgiving Day face-off against the rival 49ers. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the audience missed the spectacle, courtesy of an inconveniently timed commercial break.

According to a report by FOX 5, As Aoki kicked off his halftime show, NBC abruptly transitioned to a commercial break, leaving fans at home without a glimpse of the performance. The mistimed interruption led to viewers missing the 45-year-old DJ launching a birthday cake into the delighted face of Seattle’s mascot, Blitz.

Aoki’s energetic DJ set unfolded while NBC’s broadcast featured commercial content, causing confusion and disappointment among fans on social media. Many expressed frustration at the unfortunate timing, with Aoki’s performance being cut short after less than 10 seconds, leaving them yearning for the missed spectacle.



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