Former President Donald Trump took to social media on Thursday, November 9, to declare total vindication in the civil fraud case against him in New York, asserting “We have won on every point.”

He singled out dramatic new comments made by the presiding judge that appear to bolster Trump’s defense.

“We have totally proven our innocence in the FAKE A.G. ‘case,'” Trump wrote online, referring to the lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. “We have WON ON EVERY POINT.”

Trump went on to blast the testimony of Michael Cohen, his former attorney who served as a star witness for the prosecution. Cohen admitted on the stand that he lied about Trump directing him to inflate asset values.
“Their so-called ‘Star’ witness is a complete FRAUD, who openly admitted in Court that he lied,” Trump stated.

In a stunning twist, Trump then revealed that the judge in the case, Arthur Engoron, had seemingly reversed his prior finding of fraud.

Earlier this year, Engoron ruled Trump submitted fraudulent financial statements. But on Thursday, Engoron admitted, “I’m not here to value these properties.”

Trump seized on Engoron’s comments, saying it invalidates the judge’s entire basis for claiming fraud.

He insisted the allegedly inflated values – which he denies – formed the crux of Engoron’s initial judgment against him.

The former president concluded by demanding Engoron “immediately REVERSE his wrongful and totally discredited summary judgment decision.”

The startling development comes amid Trump’s ongoing testimony in the $250 million civil case.

While combative at times, he maintains the lawsuit is a politically motivated “scam” and denies any financial wrongdoing.
Trump’s lawyers have ripped the prosecution’s valuation figures as ridiculously low. They argue Trump’s financial statements were accurate based on reasonable assumptions of growth potential.

If the judge reverses his prior fraud finding, as Trump insists, it would deal a monumental setback to the attorney general’s case.

Trump appears newly emboldened by Engoron’s remarks, declaring total vindication despite the trial still ongoing.

For Trump supporters, his social media pronouncement of outright victory provides hope that he may yet be exonerated.

But the final outcome hangs in the balance as prosecutors push forward, hoping to prove Trump knowingly inflated his net worth for improper gain.



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