In a heartbreaking incident during an armed robbery investigation, a dedicated Arizona K-9 was fatally stabbed while serving alongside law enforcement officers. Authorities have charged a suspect involved in the robbery with the tragic killing of the police dog.

According to Tucson, deputies from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department were actively searching for suspects in connection with an armed robbery case. Around 8 p.m. on a fateful Friday, they spotted a man entering a commercial yard enclosed by a fence. In response, they deployed their loyal K-9 officer, Kenzo, to assist in the apprehension. However, Kenzo did not return to his handlers.

Concerned for their K-9 partner, the deputies swiftly entered the area to locate him. To their profound sorrow, they discovered Kenzo beside one of the suspects, bearing life-threatening injuries that were consistent with a stabbing, as confirmed by the sheriff’s office. Despite their immediate efforts to save him, Kenzo could not be saved, and he succumbed to his injuries. Veterinary staff will conduct an autopsy to investigate the incident further.

In a statement, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department expressed their deep sadness over the loss of K9 Kenzo. It underscored the inherent dangers faced by their deputies and their dedicated K-9 partners who work tirelessly alongside them.

Two suspects involved in the armed robbery case have been taken into custody: 36-year-old Cody D. Bartlett and 32-year-old Juan Tacho. Both individuals are facing charges related to armed robbery and aggravated robbery. Additionally, Bartlett is charged with the killing or harming of a work/service animal.

The Georgia Police K9 Foundation paid tribute to Kenzo on social media, sharing the tragic news and a poignant photo of the fallen police dog. Users on the platform expressed their heartfelt condolences and support for Kenzo and his handlers.

As one commenter expressed, “My heart is broken. Thank you for your service. Sending my sympathy and love. Rest in peace sweet Kenzo – you will never be forgotten.”

Another user wrote, “Rest peacefully, four-pawed hero; your life mattered.”

The loss of K9 Kenzo serves as a poignant reminder of the dedication and sacrifice of these loyal police dogs and the vital role they play in law enforcement.



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