Robert Card, a US Army reservist, is on the run, suspected of the fatal shooting of 18 individuals and injuring 13 in a devastating attack in Lewiston, Maine.

In their intensive search, police targeted several residences, including one linked to Card’s family in Bowdoin, a short distance from the incident site. Officers, heavily equipped, surrounded this residence and employed loudspeakers, urging the occupant(s) to come out with raised hands.

Shannon Moss, representing the state police, commented that such announcements are a standard procedure during search operations. She stated the uncertainty regarding Card’s presence in any homes under scrutiny.

Despite the extensive search at the Bowdoin residence, officials later vacated, revealing they had arrived to execute a search warrant. Local resident, Richard Goddard, familiar with the Card family, mentioned Robert Card’s deep familiarity with the area, hinting at his potential advantage in evasion.

The pursuit of the 40-year-old reservist, equipped with firearm instructor skills and a known history of mental challenges, involves hundreds of law enforcement personnel, including numerous FBI agents. Their hunt was initiated after the tragic events on Wednesday night at a bowling facility and a local bar.

As reported by CBS News, Officials have cautioned the public against approaching Card, citing him as armed and extremely dangerous. aftermath of the incident witnessed an atmosphere of heightened security and caution, with various establishments shutting down even in locations distant from Lewiston.

President Joe Biden honored the victims by lowering all US flags to half-staff. Renowned author and Maine’s own, Stephen King, expressed his grief, terming the incident sheer “madness.”

Maine, a state known for its notably low homicide rates, has been shaken by these events. 2022 recorded a total of 29 homicides in the state.

Sources revealed that Card underwent a mental health assessment in July, due to noticeable erratic behavior while with his reserve unit.

Currently, authorities have released images of Card entering the bowling alley, weapon in hand. The exact type of firearm utilized in the attack and its acquisition remains a mystery.

Governor Janet Mills expressed her commitment to apprehending Card and ensuring justice for the victims. The police have already sanctioned eight murder warrants for Card and anticipate additional ones upon victim identification.

Of the 13 injured, three remain in critical condition, while five are stabilized at the Central Maine Medical Center. Two of the deceased have been publicly identified: Bob Violette, a 76-year-old bowling coach, and Tricia Asselin, 53.

The horrifying spree began at Just-In-Time Recreation during a children’s bowling event and escalated to Schemengees Bar and Grille soon after.



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