Dakota Johnson has publicly criticized her mother Melanie Griffith for publicly sharing pictures of her on social media without her permission. Although the 33-year-old actress, best known for her part in Fifty Shades of Grey, is no stranger to the camera and has her own social media pages, she keeps her online presence to a minimum.

It’s no surprise that she had a few words to say about her mother’s decision to post photos of her online. On The Late Late Show with James Corden With James Corden in mid-January 2022, the star spoke up about her frustration, especially when she finds her mother, who has 500,000 followers, had shared a flashback to Instagram.

“I don’t like it, but I also don’t go on social media, so I don’t find out about it until it’s really baked into the Internet, and somebody will send it to me like, ‘Oh, you were so ugly — or you were so cute, when you had braces and a slicked back ponytail’,” she told the host.

“I become like a 12-year-old and I’m like, ‘Mom, you can’t do that. We’ve had this conversation so many times!'” the actor added. “She doesn’t care.”

Dakota, like most children, has had her share of cringe moments when it comes to her parents. “My mom is the most amazing person, but she embarrasses me in front of a lot of people,” the actor recalled, before revealing her mum once called her out in front of her crush when she was just eight years old.

“I was across the airport behind a plant,” Dakota laughed, admitting that she tried her best “to be invisible.” “It was obvious, I was very visible,” she added. “I couldn’t hide behind the plant… it wasn’t like a tree.”



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