Former President Donald Trump, in the intense heat of Las Vegas, rallied supporters and light-heartedly urged them to endure the scorching temperatures, emphasizing his need for every vote. The rally, which took place on a sweltering Sunday where temperatures soared above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, saw Trump expressing a mix of humor and frustration, especially with malfunctioning teleprompters. “I don’t want anybody going on me. We need every voter. I don’t care about you. I just want your vote,” Trump joked, underscoring his commitment to securing votes despite the challenging conditions, told News Week.

To accommodate the crowd in such extreme weather, the campaign had extra medics on hand and provided fans, water bottles, and permission for umbrellas. According to the Clark County Fire Department, the majority of medical issues were heat-related, resulting in six hospitalizations and 24 treatments on-site. Trump’s humor continued as he commented on the collective concern for the crowd’s safety, rather than his own comfort. “They never mentioned me. I’m up here sweating like a dog. This is hard work,” he said, via The Telegraph.

This rally marked Trump’s return to Nevada, a crucial battleground state, following his recent conviction in a hush-money scandal—an unprecedented situation for a former president. This legal backdrop did little to deter his campaign’s momentum, as it seemed to bolster his fundraising efforts and solidify his support base. Yet, it is uncertain how this will influence swing voters.

Trump’s disdain for his failing teleprompters was evident. He reminisced about past instances where he criticized former President Barack Obama for relying on them, despite facing similar issues himself. “I pay all this money to teleprompter people, and I’d say 20% of the time, they don’t work,” he lamented, vowing not to pay the vendor responsible.

As the rally continued, temperatures slightly eased, but the challenges of the heat remained a significant theme. Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald praised the resilience of the locals and metaphorically described their support for Trump: “We will walk through hell” to elect him. Amid these expressions of loyalty, Trump also touched on the January 6 Capitol riots, labeling the rioters as “victims” of a setup, a claim widely refuted by evidence and judicial rulings.

As Trump gears up for more rallies and interviews, his comments and policies continue to stir controversy and devotion, illustrating the polarized landscape of American politics. His campaign’s next moves involve a significant push for Hispanic voters, reflecting his strategic pivot to broaden his appeal ahead of the next election cycle.


TRUMP: “I don’t care about you, I just want your vote.” ALSO TRUMP: “I hope the military revolts at the voting booth.”

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